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Donate today, and you can help Harry build a pile of money so huge that he's able to climb to the top and personally laugh in god's face for being SO FUCKING POOR

Well, at least the dog is alright!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

yes Hes a okay!

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Listen guys, I understand, working the farm is not for everybody. You get stressed out, need to take a break. It's just normal, everybody goes though that. You don't have to worry.
On an entirely unrelated note, let me give you a quick tour of the meat grinder that we put people into when there is not enough food for the monster.

Huh. It took me a while to figure out what's going on, but after getting a hang of it - I like it a lot! could definitely use some polish, has the potential to be a really good game.

The concept of turning your health into ammo is really cool, but the game is way too easy, and there isn't really enough variety in enemies. You can just stand in one place, shooting at everything that approaches, and only move to pick up health - which is abundant. It's almost impossible to die, unless you decide to.

I would suggest adding enemies that can shoot at you, or maybe ones that can't be killed head-on, forcing you to flank them. SOMETHING that would force the player to more actively maneuver around the map

avivajpeyi responds:

Really helpful feedback!

My friends found it too difficult initially
(Initial exchange rate = health 1: ammo 1, Enemy speed faster, higher health;
Current starting exchange rate = health 1: ammo 2, Enemy speed slower, lower health;)

The exchange rate increases as you play, but yeah that probably does not make it that much more challenging...

I really like the idea about enemies that cant be killed head on! I was thinking about adding enemies that shoot but ran out of time... Ill try adding both your suggestions soon!

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that smug motherfucker

You nailed it perfectly!

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