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Oh god no wat will they think off next the FIENDS???? Will they curb our 10 exp a day for 5 for daring to speak out AGAINST THEM???Will they curb our ability to customize our profile???GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER

you serious or joking?

Goddamnit Tom Fulp!

I don't know what started this? (Did somebody reported one of your art works again? I hope not.)
But of course the Bots are working together!

One half of the world wide web as we know it is LITERALLY inhabited by Cyber Bots. Sub-artificial-intelligent beings that are sending our electronic messages and helping us make art and keeping the website gears running on smooth oil. In return, We give them electricity to their plain of existence and in-put commands to give them purpose. This is not good or bad, That's just how it is.

What started it is just the fact that every month my inbox is polluted with P-bot's request to participate in the monthly vote which I DO NOT CARE ABOUT IN THE LEAST, but there is no way to unsubscribe from it or mute P-bot from messaging me.
When I uploaded a picture complaining about it, and jokingly accusing P-bot of harassment, I received a notification from M-bot about how the image violates the rules.

Probably, but then the question becomes, who cares, and why?

@RelatedGuy You think this is fucking funny?

what, you some kinda robot man?

@DepthsDoes @RelatedGuy this is not a conspiracy, it's @TomFulp 's way of not getting harassed via bot callouts. don't bother him.

I mean, I'm 99% sure that it's the site's way of notifying people that their trash non-artwork mspaint meme doesn't belong on the site, which 100% applied to my upload.
I'm just having a giggle. Performativele acting angry about an extremely minor issue. That's why I said I find this extremely funny. Because it's a joke.

it's only once a month, kinda understand though, I don't even see half of what's up for a vote, so how can I, in good conscious, vote accurately? Watching/playing all the nominees would take an inordinate amount of time....

Well, every time the PM comes in, bug Tommy about it, ask for an opt-out button, because, you know, sanity

That's why I don't vote here at all..

RelatedGuy, R.I.P.

Shit, didn't know he past away. According to a twitter statement by AEHentai, he went on a hike and then they found that his body was discovered with added up evidence.